Sleeping Beauty 2021

We would like to thank you all for your time and effort on the day, and for your continued support of Starburst and Fleet Panto in what is a very uncertain time.The production team were amazed and blown away with the talent at auditions this year!


Starburst are sorry if you have been unsuccessful. Please do not take it as an indication of your talent, our audition process is extremely competitive with 100 people attending giving a high level of performance on the day. Due to time constraints, we are unable to provide individual feedback on auditions.


Congratulations to everyone who has been cast; we cannot wait to get started in September!


King – Drew Waite 

Prince – Charlee Prentice-Raine 

Joey the Jester – Myles D'Angelo 

Dame – TBA

Aurora – Daisie Gentry 

Fairy Sweetheart – Alex Barron 

Fairy Cherryblossom – Taylor Fitzpatrick 

Fairy Berrybush – Ashleigh Hiscox 

Carabose – Lynne Main 

Frankie – Olivia Selby 


King – Lewis Fitzpatrick

Prince – TBA

Joey the Jester – Harrison Taylor 

Fairy Cherryblossom – Olivia Selby

Aurora – Taylor Fitzpatrick 

Carabose – Zoe Spencer 


 Sophie Reid 

Sophie Trowsdale

Zoe Spencer

Pink Team

Grace Johns 

Megan Dunnage 

Emily Ibbott 

Yasmine King 


White Team

Emily Woodford 

Gracie Jones 

Alyssia Bird 



White Team

Amelia Baker 

Samuel Briggs 

Sienna Neale 

Darcey Haldane 

Megan Caine 

Pink Team

Darcey Nadon-Fairbrass 

Clara Bahaire 

Jack Simpson 

Maeve O'Hanlon 

Alisha Winterton 


White Team

Isabelle Abrey-Moore 

Jonnie Dewing 

Imogen Ruddick 

Libby Woodford 

Isaac Edwards

Pink Team

Isabelle Cluskey

Erin Costello

Maisie Griffiths

Clova Day

 Edie Croomb 


White Team

Alice Bibb 

Lucy Brunning 

Sophie Vaughan 

Katie Hampshire 

Pink Team

Amelia Aunns

Mia Morish 

Marley Page 

Lucy Groenendaal 


TBC - Reserve (Inter)

Emily Sheerin - Reserve (Babe)

(If a cast member withdraws from the production then we will call the reserve role to take their place, but otherwise they will not be required for this production)


If you have been unsuccessful this year Starburst also run Starburst Theatre Academy; a weekend performing arts academy for 6-17 year olds which is a great way to hone and develop your talents in a nurturing environment and improve your abilities ready for future auditions. More information can be found at


For any queries with casting, please direct them to our production team by email only at . The production team will be in contact shortly with further information for all cast members.


Thank you.