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Snow White 2022

We would like to thank you all for your time and effort on the day, and for your continued support of Starburst and Fleet Panto. Yet again the production team was amazed by not only the talent but the number of people at auditions this year!


Starburst is sorry if you have been unsuccessful. Please do not take it as an indication of your talent, our audition process is extremely competitive with 120 people attending giving a high level of performance on the day. Due to time constraints, we are unable to provide individual feedback on auditions.


Congratulations to everyone who has been cast; we cannot wait to get started in September!


Snow  White - Daisie Gentry

Prince Freddie - Bradley Dry

Mayor  Polly Petticoat - Reece Fitzgerald

Bonnie - Izzy Stephenson

The Evil Queen - Alex Barron

Abigail - Mia Morrish/Evie Marlow (split role)

The Magic Mirror - Leanne Wilson-McDermid/Curtis Varns (split role)

(The Magic Mirror now has a solo song/dance number)

The Hunter - Ashleigh Hiscox

Delivery Dave - Jack Leven

Extras - Sophie Reid/Rachael Crozier (split role)


Snow  White - Evie Marlow

Prince Freddie - Sophie Trowsdale

Mayor  Polly Petticoat - Bradley Dry

Benny - Harri Taylor

The Evil Queen - TBC

The Hunter - Rachael Crozier

Delivery Daisy - Sophie Reid



Megan Dunnage

Lucie Jackson

Grace Johns

Marly Page

Emily Woodford 


White Team

Skipper - Clova Day

Forgetful - Rosie Jones

Snobby - Rachel Karlsson

Bookworm - Amelia Hardie

Feisty - Rose Clowes

Scaredy-Cat - Marni Clowes

Trendy - Ellen Bardy

Red Team

Skipper - Annabel Drummond 

Forgetful - Sam Briggs

Snobby - Zoe Robinson

Bookworm - Phoebe Thornwill

Feisty - Clara Bahaire

Scaredy-Cat - Jack Simpson

Trendy - Emily Sheerin


White Team

Darcey Haldane

Luca Jacobson-Barnes

Maeve O'Hanlon

Anna Rattray

Red Team

Ruby Barlow

Megan Caine

Sophie Groenendaal

Sophie Harris


White Team

Izzy Abrey-Moore

Edie Croombs

Maisie Malcolm

Libby Woodford

Red Team

Isabelle Cluskey

Erin Costello

Sophie Howe

Amelie Nunn


White Team

Jonnie Dewing

Ava Haldane

Holly Taylor

Imogen Ruddick

Sophie Vaughan

Red Team

Alex Blandford

Lauren Davis

Lucy Groenendaal

Katie Hampshire

Yasmine King


Summer Henden- Reserve (Senior)

 Daisy Farr- Reserve (Inter)

 Rachel Burt- Reserve (Babe)

Jake Seward - Reserve (Dwarf)

(If a cast member withdraws from the production then we will call the reserve role to take their place, but otherwise they will not be required for this production)


If you have been unsuccessful this year Starburst also run Starburst Theatre Academy; a weekend performing arts academy for 6-17 year olds which is a great way to hone and develop your talents in a nurturing environment and improve your abilities ready for future auditions.

More information can be found at


For any queries with casting, please direct them to our production team by email only at .

The production team will be in contact shortly with further information for all cast members.


Thank you.

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