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Musical 2024
The Magic of Musicals

Magic of Musicals Flyer Final 2.png


11th - 13th July


AGE:       Over 8 years old

WHERE: Starburst Studios, Old School Ln, Yateley, GU46 6NG

TIME:      Under 14s: 09:30am / Over 14s: 1pm


  • Everybody will learn a dance routine and audition it

  • Cut and call back to learn a Principle Dancer routine

  • If you want to sing, then you will undertake a vocal audition.

  • All singers will bring their own backing track on a phone/iPad with Bluetooth connectivity, which will be played through a Starburst speaker.

  • The backing track must be from a musical.

  • You will audition this once only.

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